'Bon Appétit' Names Washington, D.C The Restaurant City Of 2016

D.C.'s dining scene is hotter than ever

Gone are the days when steakhouses and subpar restaurants frequented more for the elbow-rubbing than the food ruled Washington, D.C. In recent years, D.C.'s food scene has perked up so much that Bon Appetit just named it the restaurant city of the year.

To our friends at Bon Appétit, we couldn't agree more. Though we're sweet on L.A. and have our eyes glued on Boston, recently, we've been more intrigued by Washington, D.C.'s restaurants than ever before. As chef Aaron Silverman of Rose's Luxury, one of the new tasting-menu restaurants responsible for elevating the city's dinging status, tells the Washington Post, "Everyone in D.C. is killing it right now."

Skeptics need only look at new hot spots like Pineapple and Pearls, The Dabny and Tail Up Goat to get an idea of the array of restaurants bringing D.C. up in the ranks of the culinary world.

For a broader taste of the area, check out all the hot tables on Tasting Table's DINE app, along with the classics, best seafood joints and tough-to-get-tables.

Congrats, D.C. We're coming for you.