The Correct Way To Eat A Slice Of Pizza

When it comes to folding vs. cutting, live free or pie hard

If there's one topic that gets New Yorkers (and really anyone with a pulse) worked up, it's the correct way to eat a slice of pizza. Just ask Jon Stewart. From folders to fork-and-knife fiends to napkin blotters, there are a lot of opinions out there when it comes to the right way to eat a slice of saucy, cheesy pie.

We'll never claim to be an authority on the matter (though we have to admit, the fold is rather convenient), but we can sit here and enjoy the ongoing debate all the same. Rather than hash it out ourselves, we've asked a few influencers from NYC and beyond to dish out their favorite ways to take on a slice. While some do agree with the norm, others resort to unorthodox methods of getting pie to mouth.

Just remember, if you're having strong feelings after reading their opinions, you can always talk it out over a New York slice, which is, of course, the uncontested best kind of pizza.

"I believe the correct way to eat a slice of pizza is folding it in half and inhaling it in one bite. My dad, who's a New York native, led me to believe there was no other acceptable way, but I've added a few of my own finishing touches to his routine. Before folding, I go one of two ways: adding Frank's hot sauce and ranch dressing OR a Roberta's-esque touch of chile flakes and a drizzle of good honey." —MacKenzie Smith, @grilledcheesesocial


"Any way that gets it into your mouth is the right way, but if we're getting real, I personally eat pizza with a fork and knife (insert monkey covering eyes emoji). I feel the judgment already, but I prefer pizza in my mouth, not on my face." —Marisel Salazar, @breadbutternyc

"Duh, fold it in half, lift and bite. Is there another way? If so, it's foolish. It's also the telltale way to know who is or is not a native New Yorker." —Michelle Williams, @coffeeandchampagne


"I think this is my first time actually admitting this, but I'm a total weirdo when it comes to eating pizza. I'm a 'save the best bite for last' kind of eater and hate being left with an unexciting crust at the end. So sometimes I'll actually break the crust off first and eat that, then go in for the rest of the saucy, cheesy goodness. It gets a little messy, but all of the best pizza does, right?" —Gracie Gordon, @hungry.blonde

"In New York, I will always eat a slice of pizza with my hands, but while traveling in Italy, pizza is always eaten with a fork and knife. My first visit to Rome earned me some aghast stares from locals when I started eating my pizza with my hands!" —Nikki Vargas, @pinthemapproject