Celebrate National Oyster Day With These Instagrams

Celebrate all things oyster with our favorite Instagram photos

A fresh plate of chilled oysters is just what the doctor ordered on a hot summer day. Paired with the perfect cocktail after a day on the beach, these briny bivalves are great shared among friends or slurped down all by yourself. Oysters can be an acquired taste, but with so many ways to prepare them and more than 100 varieties available, you're bound to find a combination you love.

Traditionally, oysters are named after the body of water in which they come from, primarily broken down between East Coast and West Coast. So what's the difference between a Blue Point and a Blue Pool? East Coast oysters like Blue Points tend to be smaller, milder in flavor and saltier, while West Coast oysters are smoother, sweeter and much plumper. Pick a side and crack open a can of oyster stout, the malty, salty beer with hints of smoky oyster flavor.

To help you indulge in all that briny greatness, we trolled Instagram for eight of the greatest half-shelled beauties out there—even though August doesn't have an r in it (that theory is just a myth anyway).