How To Cook With A Cast-Iron Pan On The Grill

Why you should use your cast-iron pan on the grill

Cast-iron pans aren't new to the scene—in fact, they've been around for more than 2,000 years—but their heat retention capabilities and reliable toughness make them a staple in cooking to this day. Add in the fact that you can cook basically every possible delicious food in one of them, and it's clear why they're a perennial favorite. We know you're already using yours for shakshuka and stuffed garlic balls, but here's one use you might not have thought of yet:

Use your cast-iron pan on the grill.

After all, a cast-iron pan is essential for open-fire cooking on a camping trip, so it only makes sense. Utilize this trick, and there's no need for grill baskets or endless post-cooking scrubbing the next time you fire up the grill. Trust us: Your pan can cook burgers or steak just as well—if not better.

Here are three sweet ideas to get you started:

① Let this plum cake cook as you eat your hot dog, and it'll be bubbling ready come time for dessert.

② A Nutella-stracchino grilled sandwich makes much more sense in a pan than right on the grates—the cheesy remnants won't get all over your grill.

③ Making one giant skillet crinkle cookie is far superior to rolling out a whole batch.