Roy Choi's Launching A LocoL Food Truck In L.A This Fall

The truck should hit the streets of L.A. sometime in September

Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson are bringing their hit concept, LocoL, to L.A.'s streets this fall in the form of a food truck. Choi posted a photo of a truck (in need of some love) to Instagram late last week with the caption: "Say hello to the #LocoL low rider. We got some work to do, paint and decals and what not. But we are here! See you on the streets in September."

Choi's no stranger to food trucks, having launched his Kogi empire on four wheels. The idea of a food truck, which is mobile,  fits with LocoL's mission of providing a healthier alternative (think: burgers that are part beef/part grain and aguas frescas instead of soda) to fast food at an affordable rate to underserved neighborhoods.

Since opening in January in the Watts section of L.A., the restaurant has been a hit with locals, chefs and food writers. More recently, the team opened an outpost in Oakland, and there's been talk of several other locations that could come down the line in places like Newark, Detroit and Ferguson, Missouri. Food trucks could open the door for expansion even wider for the team. Earlier in the year, Choi told us, "This is like the Apple I computer; it's like the Wright brothers' plane; it's like the fucking Ford automobile."

When Choi's not driving food trucks or opening restaurants, he likes to dig into a late-night bowl of homemade noodles. Watch how he does it: