René Redzepi Opens More Affordable Restaurant 108 Today

Noma's sister restaurant, 108, opens today in Copenhagen with a more affordable menu

As René Redzepi gets ready to serve the final meal at the acclaimed Copenhagen restaurant, Noma, he isn't skipping a beat, opening 108, his first stab at a more casual, approachable restaurant just down the road from the original. The space, a cafe serving coffee and pastries during the day, called The Corner, opens today. And at night, the space becomes a full-service restaurant, about which the Michelin-starred chef says:

For the opening, the menu includes: summer fennel with fresh goat cheese, caramelized milk skin with grilled pork belly and a sourdough "cone" filled with toasted barley ice cream and hazelnuts. There's also a family style section called livretter, meaning "your favorite dish," which includes things like a roasted lamb shoulder with summer cabbage, elderflowers and smoked butter sauce with elderberry capers.

Redzepi has one more thing on tap this week, a second Noma documentary called Ants on a Shrimp, which comes out on Friday. Meanwhile, the last meals are being served at Noma before the location gets turned into an urban farm.