No Leftovers Will Get Left Behind, Thanks To These Recipe Cards

These recipe cards show you how to use your leftovers

Historically, the French have been against sending leftovers home after a meal; dishes were moderately portioned, and guests were encouraged to finish everything on their plates. However, with the recent attention on food waste, something needed to change. Thus, "le doggie bag" was born.  

Earlier this year, France passed a new law requiring restaurants that serve more than 150 meals a day to address food waste. Le Coq Rico, located in both Paris and Manhattan, is one of the first restaurants to adopt what has been dubbed "le doggie bag."

The restaurant is not only embracing the leftovers concept, but also taking it a step further by providing recipe cards for guests to take home with the rest of their meals. Since the restaurant specializes in whole roasted birds, the easy-to-follow recipes encourage guests to use all parts of the animal, including the bones and juices.