6 Things You Didn't Know About Being A Food Blogger

6 things no one tells you about being a food blogger

If you're as addicted to Instagram as we are, you know that scrolling through your favorite food accounts easily stirs up feelings of intense hunger and serious envy. Food and travel bloggers, it seems, have the ideal setup: Visit the hottest new restaurants and destinations, snap a few pics, and indulge 'til your heart's content. Right?

Still, we have to ask: What's really behind this lifestyle of constant eating, drinking and photographing?

While it's undoubtedly true that the job has its perks, a deeper look beneath that hazy Perpetua filter reveals a few facts no one ever tells you about being a food blogger. So before you decide to enter the game yourself, consider these inside secrets into the real world of food blogging.

① What a tease: "Your friends will make fun of you—relentlessly. I can't tell you how many eye rolls I receive on a daily basis from my best friend and boyfriend when I try to style and snap a photo of my food." —Danielle Walsh, @wandereatrepeat

② Style me pretty: "Sometimes you need to work with what you've got. Dishes don't always come out looking pretty, so you might have to deconstruct and reconstruct a dish until it's more visually appealing." —Jessica Hirsch, @cheatdayeats

③ There's an app for that: "You will become a photo-editing app junkie. I use three different apps to edit my photos—each has features that are unique or perform better than others, whether it's target editing, color correcting or filtering in general. It's a bit more time consuming but totally worth it." —Danielle Walsh, @wandereatrepeat

④ The cold, hard truth: "By the time the photographs are taken and it is time to eat, the food is always cold." —Alexandra Romanoff, @onemoredish

⑤ Trial and error: "There's a lot that doesn't make the cut for the blog or Instagram. Sometimes I'll come up with (what I think is) an amazing recipe idea, but when I go to photograph it, it looks like a blob of mush. I think to myself, No one wants (or should have) to see this." —Gracie Gordon, @hungry.blonde 

⑥ The hunger games: "Becoming a full-time food/travel influencer can seem idyllic, as most people assume I'm sitting on a beach in Bali or reviewing restaurants in London; but the truth is that it takes perseverance, dedication and hard work to try and carve a name for yourself in a world saturated with talent." —Nikki Vargas, @pinthemapproject