The Easiest Way To Pit A Cherry

The easiest way to a pit a cherry

Cherry season is the best season, but getting around the pits is, well, the pits. If you don't have a cherry pitter, fear not. Here's a really quick and easy way to pit a cherry with a tool you probably already have at home:

Poke a cherry with a straw to remove the pit.

Sure, you could use a chopstick or a pastry tip to achieve the same result. But a straw is cheap, and you probably already have one lying around your kitchen.

Simply remove the stem and pierce the cherry with the straw head-on. You can pit one cherry at a time or multiple cherries at once with the same straw. And if you're really looking to be efficient, you can just transfer that row of cherries from the straw straight into a bowl or pie we hope you're baking. Or use the whole thing as a cocktail garnish and stick the cherry-lined straw straight into your glass. Cheers!