The Right Way To Serve A Burger

The only acceptable way to top and serve a burger

So America has officially decided what the ultimate burger should be. I have to say that I disagree with the majority on this one, although they came so close to getting it right. Let's take a closer look at the findings: A recent survey says 71 percent of Americans believe a burger should be topped with American cheese, with 46 percent selecting ketchup as the most popular sauce, and 45 percent reaching for a brioche bun. While not a bad combination, it's definitely not the best. 

Running @brunchboys, you'd think my first matter of business would be to add an egg (and that wouldn't be a bad idea), but the first problem that needs to be addressed is the bun. The most perfect bun for any burger has to be a potato bun, and if you insist, a sesame potato bun. Brioche may be best when you have too many toppings and are afraid a potato bun won't hold up, but a bacon cheeseburger is relatively simple.

Also, if you bite into the aforementioned burger, slicked only with ketchup, it will be too dry. How about a little bit of mayo? Or even better, avocado.

So what's the winning combination? Sesame potato bun as mentioned, beef patty, avocado, lettuce, American cheese and some sort of spicy-ketchup-mayo sauce (note: The omission of tomatoes is a personal preference). With each bite, you get everything your taste buds need: savory, sweet, salty and a little acidity. What more do you need other than the perfect side of fries?

Jeremy Jacobowitz is the founder of @BrunchBoys, which showcases on social media (Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook) all things brunch, along with videos, pictures, guides and articles on the site The Brunch Boys. Jeremy is a native New Yorker and NYU graduate, and has worked as Bobby Flay's assistant on set and as a producer for the Food Network, Cooking Channel, FYI, Travel Channel and more.