What Type Of BBQ-Er Are You?

All about your grilling personality

Next week's cookout isn't your first rodeo, and you have a few mild burn marks to prove it.  You've mastered the basics, but now you're ready to turn your grill game up to 11. Here's what you need to get fired up before your next BBQ.

Cook: Now that the training wheels are off, don't rely on store-bought condiments. Make your own smoky bourbon-chile barbecue sauce and apply liberally all summer long.

Read: While everyone's fighting over that last wing, you happily make off with the chicken oysters and crispy pope's nose. These are the meat cuts that true grillers know to snag off the grill.

Dine: Step into the smoky DIY world of Korean barbecue at Hanjip in L.A., where the platters of marinated short ribs and pork belly flow endlessly.

Shop: The name alone sounds hard core, but with a set of bear claws, you can pull your own pork and handle whole birds with ease.