What Type Of BBQ-Er Are You?

All about your grilling personality

The closest you get to the heat is handing the grill master a drink. You're not opposed to learning how to barbecue, but you're also just fine watching from afar. Someone has to restock the cooler after all. Here's what you need to get fired up before your next BBQ.

Cook: Cook? You don't really cook, but if you want to try your hand at the grill, you may as well use it to spruce up your cocktail game, which is strong. Try grilling a lemon for the ultimate garnish.

Read: Study up on this summer's required drinking, fruit beers. Ranging from traditional shandies to tart IPAs, they're much cooler than you think.

Dine: Since you have zero experience grilling BBQ, shop around and figure out which style you like—to eat, not cook—with Tasting Table's list of best burgers.

Shop: You'll have your hands full at the BBQ—full of beer that is—so buy a set of koozies, like these colorful ones, which are like wet suits for your bottles. Thank us later, when your beer is still cold.