The Best Way To Grill Cauliflower

The only way you should be grilling cauliflower this summer

Step aside, cauliflower steak. You've had your moment in the sun. It's time to make way for a revelation in cooking cauliflower. It's a new way to grill the crucifer of the moment, and as far as we're concerned, it's the only way.

Grill the whole cauliflower in one piece.

Sure, you've seen whole roasted cauliflower before, but cooked on the grill? Welcome to your new party trick (see the recipe). Here's why it's awesome:

① No slicing or chopping required.

② Cauliflower steaks tend to fall through the grates. Not a problem with this bad boy.

③ If you place the head on top of foil, you can collect any drippings and turn them into an excellent sauce.

④ A whole head cooks longer than individual slices, giving it more time to soak in that smoky flavor.

We dress our cauliflower in tahini, lemon and sumac, but after you try this method once, we guarantee you'll be tempted to try all kinds of seasonings of your own. This one's a showstopper.