How To Make Cocktails With Canned Coffee

How to turn canned coffee into beachside cocktails

Rule number one for subtle public drinking: Nips are your best friend. And now that canned and bottled coffee are everywhere this summer, you can easily combine the two as you caffeinate beach- and poolside. Just take a few sips from the can to make space, pour in your booze and you're good to go. Here are five suggestions for soaking up the alcohol while you soak up the sun.

 Go the simplest route: coffee liqueur. As lazy sunny days and the sound of the waves lull you to sleep, a double dose of caffeine should perk you up for the next round of beach volleyball.

 Remember Irish coffee doesn't have to be hot. Tip in a shot of whiskey for a chilled version of the classic. BYO whipped cream cannister—if anyone asks, say it's for the beachside pie.

 Now that Califia Farms sells a dairy-free latte made with almond-macadamia milk, the lactose intolerant can partake. Add a chocolate liqueur for a mocha flavor that'll border on milkshake status.

 Add sake for a creamy, sophisticated cold-brew White Russian. This is one you'll likely have to mix up before stepping onto the sand, since a glass sake bottle won't make it past the lifeguard's watchful eye.

⑤ Espresso martinis weren't typically something you could find in a can—until now. Coffee takes the place of coffee liqueur, so all you have to do is add vodka. Unless you wanted to add liqueur as well. You know, for the sake of authenticity.