New Studies Show That Pasta Is Good For You

There's now scientific data that says pasta is good for you

Do you hear that? That's the sound of water-filled pots around the world hissing to a boil, their watchers at the ready with handfuls of spaghetti.

CNN reports that after "twirling the data like so much linguine," scientists concluded that eating pasta is associated with a lower BMI. Consuming a reasonable amount of pasta (an as-yet-undetermined amount) not only helped participants stay healthy, but people were also more likely to stick to the widely praised Mediterranean diet if that diet included foods like orzo.

Not that the lack of this study has stopped us before, but this is good news that could hopefully further propel pro-gluten activists, as well as the recent carb revival. Need someplace to get started? Stick with a classic like spicy tomato sauce or cacio e pepe, or go for a bacon, egg and cheese carbonara that's nothing if not breakfast.

It also should be noted that the scientists behind these claims are Italian. Make of that information what you will.