Where To Dine Out This Fourth Of July Weekend

Where you should be eating this Fourth of July weekend

This July, we're pledging allegiance to the food that makes this country great—specifically, the exciting things happening in our nation's culinary scene right now. Join us as we explore America!

In the words of Rihanna, "Cheers to the freakin' weekend"—it's time to celebrate America! (The extra day off from work sweetens the deal.) For those of you who aren't keen on spending the entire weekend bent over a hot grill, here are some restaurant alternatives.

We scoured our DINE app and came up with the top spots based on user insights to make this the most patriotic food weekend of your life. So put on your best red, white and blue outfit and get ready to hit the town. May we recommend something with an elastic waistband to accommodate all that good eating?

Score a Tough-to-Get Table
While everyone else is off manning their grills or visiting friends out of state, now is the perfect time to grab a tough-to-get table. Washingtonians are loving Rose's Luxury, while Barley Swine is the top choice in Austin.


Enjoy the Outdoors
No surprise that it's all about outdoor dining right now. There are tons of great options to choose from in Motor City, and local favorite Ada Street is the place to be over in Chicago.

Eat More Brunch
A longer weekend means more chances to get your fill of eggs, French toast and, of course, mimosas—which both San Francisco and NYC restaurant-goers alike are all about these days.


Check Out the Latest Hot Spot
An extra day off work is the perfect time to knock off that never-ending to-do list. First and foremost, check out the hottest restaurants in town. For Miami, it's all about Pinch Kitchen, while the folks hanging in the Hamptons will be heading to Dave's Grill.

Go South of the Border
Mexican food is just as commonplace in the American dining scene as any other cuisine. And given the proximity to our southern neighbor, there's no surprise that the folks in Houston are all about tacos and guac.

Gimme, Gimme S'mores
Not one for lounging around a campfire, roasting marshmallows while trying not to get eaten by bugs? (We're fans of the light-the-whole-marshmallow-on-fire technique.) Head to NYC's Dominique Ansel Kitchen and have the pros handle it for you.

Winning Wieners
Nothing screams freedom more than eating a hot dog on the Fourth. L.A. folks: Get busy enjoying NYC favorite Cannibal. Chicagoans: You have much tougher weiner-fix decisions to make.

As American as Apple Pie
America = apple pie. You can make your own or save yourself the time by picking one up from your favorite bakery. Stop by TRIA if you live in Detroit—they know what they're doing better than anyone when it comes to the iconic dessert.

Go HAM(burger)
A good burger isn't hard to find, but a great one? Sometimes that requires a little extra work. Don't worry—we already did it for you. (You're welcome.) L.A. is loving its burgers, especially from Vaka Burgers Express.


'Cue It Up
Though great barbecue can technically be made at home, it often require hours of work and more foresight than one cares to impart. Feel free to leave it to the professionals to get your fill of brisket, ribs and pulled pork (oh my). Of course, there are plenty of options if you're in Texas or the Carolinas, but you can also find a good smoke ring at Memphis Minnie's BBQ in San Francisco.

I Scream for Ice Cream
The Fourth of July is synonymous with freedom, and that includes the freedom to eat what we want. And what we want is something frozen. Black Tap in NYC has the frosty milkshakes that are bringing all of the boys and girls to the yard.


Stay Hydrated
Quench your thirst at home with this watermelon lemonade while listening to America's queen: Beyoncé. Then head to the recently opened Brooklyn Barge for a refreshing summer ale and waterfront view. (You can even catch the fireworks on Monday.)