Mr. Potato Head Gets A Makeover

Back when the first Mr. Potato Head toy was sold in 1952, the kit simply came with goofy accessories you could pin into an actual potato. But the spud was prone to rotting, so in 1964, it was replaced by a plastic potato. The replacement was large and perfectly shaped, far from what a real potato looks like.

Now some worry this perfect potato is sending children the wrong message: that misshapen potatoes are less than and should be thrown away. So Hasbro has teamed up with UK grocery chain ASDA to create a more accurate—or as they call it, "wonky"—Mr. Potato Head, Gizmodo reports. The new guy is a bit oblong and looks like he's about to topple over . . . but he's still pretty cute.

The toys are up for grabs on eBay and are being auctioned off for charity. The highest bid is currently £235.00.