How To Choose A Ripe Tomato

How to choose a ripe tomato

By now, you've dusted off the grill, broken out the rosé and maybe even given your ice cream machine a whirl. Summer is here, and it's obviously time to celebrate. Though the start of the season is one of the most exciting times of year, the best part of all might come at the end. We're talking about peak tomato time.

Ripe tomatoes are the season's best present—a gift that comes just when the summer hype starts to dwindle. After all, there's nothing worse than rotten tomatoes—except for maybe mealy winter ones.

So how do you select the best possible tomato?

① Check for blemishes.

No one wants a bruised or wrinkled tomato.

② Assess the weight.

A heavy tomato means a juicy one, which is exactly what you're looking for.

③ Smell it by the stem.

If it smells sweet and fragrant, you're in business.

You say tomato, and we say: Never waste your time on a bad one again. BLT season is coming, friends. Get your game faces on.

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