Scroll Through The Craziest Wedding Cakes We Could Find

The coolest, craziest and most beautiful wedding cakes on Instagram

Ah, wedding season. For those of you out there with friends mature enough to be tying the knot, that means a lot of gifts, days of traveling and hideous bridesmaids' dresses. For us, however, it means lots of cake.

Forget the cocktails, the teary first dances and the vows of eternal love and commitment: We're here for the dessert. While an elegant, white tiered masterpiece will always do the trick (as long as we receive a very large slice), we have a special respect for those who go above and beyond with their choice of wedding treat.

Therefore, we suppressed our anxiety about being forever alone and scoured Instagram for the coolest, craziest, most beautiful wedding cakes we could find. We discovered it all: From the lovebirds who wanted giant, fairy-tale castles of fondant to the couples who skipped cake altogether and went straight for wheels of cheese and stacks of Oreos.

Marvel at the artistry that went into these cakey creations, nurse your suddenly empty stomach and remember: Love may come and go, but cake will never leave you.