Claus Meyer Opens The Great Northern Food Hall In NYC

Noma cofounder Claus Meyer opens his Great Northern Food Hall in NYC

New York's Nordic invasion is almost complete. Noma cofounder Claus Meyer has been working furiously to open a host of Nordic food projects in New York, including an upscale restaurant called Agern (which debuted in April), a cooking school in Brownsville, a micro-dairy in Queens, a bakery in Brooklyn and more.

Today, the ambitious restaurateur is opening his largest project, the Great Northern Food Hall in Grand Central's Vanderbilt Hall (where the annual holiday market is typically hosted), and hoping to feed a few of the 750,000 people who pass through the landmark daily.

The food hall houses five pavilions. There's Brownsville Roasters, which sells a light-roast coffee, and an outpost of Meyers Bageri, doling out traditional Danish and exceptional rye bread. Inside is Open Rye, where it's all things smørrebrød, or open-face sandwiches topped with things like pickled herring with radish, crème fraîche and dill. Meanwhile, Almanak zeroes in on vegetables at its restaurant booth, and soon Grain Bar will open, selling ymer parfaits and both sweet and savory porridges.

Naturally, Meyer still has a few of those projects up his sleeve, so stay tuned.