The Best Cutting Board For Protecting Your Knives

The best cutting board for protecting your knives

You already know that keeping a knife sharp is the number one rule of cooking. A well-maintained knife not only makes chopping easier but helps prevent accidents by requiring less force than a dull knife to cut through ingredients.

There are many ways to protect your blade, but one you might not have considered before has nothing to do with the knife itself. It's all about the cutting board.

Use a wood cutting board to keep your knife from dulling.

There are many arguments for using a wood cutting board over a plastic or bamboo one, and knife longevity is chief among them. Woods like maple or teak are best, because they won't blunt the blade as easily as a harder surface like plastic, marble or glass. Though bamboo may be a close second when it comes to protecting the blade, it's still about 20 percent harder than a material like maple. So if your knife is the primary concern, go with wood.

Just be sure to take care of your wooden cutting board properly; that way you'll not only have sharper knives, but you'll be a happier cook, too.