Swedish Restaurant Adds Menu Just For Dogs

At a new restaurant in Sweden, doggie bags are no longer necessary. Instead, the team at Avenyfamiljen in Gothenburg offers an entire menu just for pups who dine with their human companions at their three restaurants. "For a couple of years, we've allowed dogs into our restaurants—the next step was to offer water bowls, and now we also offer a special dog menu," Tobias Hamberg, owner of the restaurant, tells AFP.

The doggy menu includes beef, cod and something called "dog beer," which is essentially beef broth for dogs to "sip" on. "Most dogs prefer the beef, and they usually take their meals on the floor near to the feet of their owners," he adds. The meals are made by Wonderboo, a dog food producer in Stockholm, and go for around $6.

In New York, diners can take their pooches to certain restaurants with outdoor seating, but they're likely to get only scraps from the table—and perhaps a bowl of New York's famed tap water.