Songs Of Summer 2016 - Summer Cocktail Recipes

Rumblings about the "song of the summer" are like the holiday season: Every year, they start a bit earlier until it seems like we're waiting for the next Rihanna banger while it's still snowing. But we're calling it now—summer is here. So we put together a Spotify playlist for you. And since we're all about convenience, we paired each tune with a cocktail, because sipping along is way more fun than singing along.

① "Hymn for the Weekend" – Coldplay
Coldplay: not just for sad, pensive winter days. Especially when you throw Beyoncé into the mix. This spicy peach sangria will have you weekend ready and is best consumed from your desk as you count down to the end of an abbreviated Summer Friday.

② "Can't Stop the Feeling" – Justin Timberlake
You know what can stop the feeling? A lot of alcohol. Go with tequila (since JT has his own brand) and make this flaming absinthe margarita. Also, now that we know the secret to his moves lies in a juicy slice of pie, allow us to pave the way to success.

③ "One Dance" – Drake
Like Justin has tequila, Drake recently launched his own glam bourbon. Blend more booze than you think you need—two cups, to be specific—with ice and citrus to make a frosty slushy for days. One dance might just be all you remember after a cup of this.

④ "Greedy" – Ariana Grande
This new ditty features the one key change to rule them all. The girl can sing, stick up for women and consistently rock more strange cat headgear than I could pull off for even an hour, so do right by the smash-hit star by drinking a strawberry whiskey smash. Make two and drink them both. Because you're greedy.

⑤ "Champagne Problems" – Nick Jonas
The beat bounces right along, but if you listen closely, this is secretly a highly depressing song about a failing relationship. At least there are no problems that can't be solved with a fizzy sparkling pear cocktail, and you'll be too tipsy to bother with the lyrics anyway.

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⑥ "Cake by the Ocean" – DNCE
This song has been out for a while—as in, they were performing it on New Year's Eve. But now it's actually applicable to oceans, so drink to the occasion with a Painkiller tiki cocktail. Besides, two out of three Jonas brothers in one playlist isn't half bad.

Photo: Katie Foster/Tasting Table

⑦ "Work" – Rihanna and Drake
The Rihanna-Drake duo has about as many hit songs as Donny and Marie Osmond, despite (thankfully) a different type of chemistry. The only thing more on fire than the dream team is this bourbon-orange drink made with homemade Fireball. And, no, we still can't figure out what she's saying, but that didn't stop the "Numa Numa" video from taking over the Internet.

⑧ "No Money" – Galantis
Preach. Keep the Dom Pérignon at bay and stick with a shandy that has just a few ingredients, one of which is a bottle of cider.

⑨ "Live Forever" – The Band Perry
You're going to be hearing a lot of this one come August. Blame It on Rio—both because that's the name of this savory caipirinha and because the jam's rise to prominence is due to its use as Team USA's official song.

⑩ "This Is What You Came For" – Calvin Harris and Rihanna
Rihanna makes yet another appearance on this playlist, but considering it's been 11 years and "Pon de Replay" is still the ultimate summer song, I don't see this as an issue. Pay homage to her Barbados homeland with a rum-tastic Jell-O shot—yeah, that's right. It's summer.