Cheap Wine, Produce, Tea And More At Whole Foods' 365 Store

6 best things about Whole Foods' new 365 store

Just in time for Memorial Day barbecuing, the first location of 365, Whole Foods' less expensive spin-off project, has opened in L.A.—with heirloom tomatoes for a mere 75¢ and some 400 bottles of wine for $20 or under. So far, the store seems to have delivered on its wallet-friendly promises, trading some of the style and variety of Whole Foods for more affordable prices. Going to check it out? Here's what to buy when you get there:

Cheap Booze: The store has some 400 bottles of wine for $20 or under. Not sure which vino to pick? iPads stationed in the wine department tell you everything you need to know with a quick scan. 

Eat Your Heart Out: The team wants the market to double as a hangout place, so there are lots of ready-to-eat food options, like hit vegan fast-casual chain By Chloe. Pro-tip: Get the vegan burger with guac. Or see if you can get your hands on this intriguing carrot hot dog that seems to be floating around somewhere in the market. 

For dessert, ice cream sandwich master Coolhaus has parked its truck right outside.

Non-Pricey Produce: The produce selection may not be as broad as Whole Foods, but what's in stock is cheaper—a lot cheaper. Heirloom tomatoes are listed at 75¢ a piece for opening day, but even at full cost are only $1.50 for larger ones, which is substantially cheaper than at most stores and farmers' markets.

East Coast Lovin': Some of New York's most-loved food products are also cropping up at the West coast store. Look out for David Chang's spicy and super-savory ssäm sauce (it goes with everything, trust us) and olive oil from the Franks, aka the owners of Brooklyn's beloved Italian restaurant, Frankies 457.

Build Your Own Blend: A big part of the plan of 365 is to bring in "friends" of the market. In this case, that includes Toronto-based tea start-up teaBot, which allows customers to create their own customized tea blend. 

Keep Your Options Open: One of the ways the store is keeping costs down is by sourcing from a more select group of products. Instead of, say, seven different brands of peanut butter or ketchup, Whole Foods' signature brand, 365, is offering more options itself. One shopper spotted peanut butter and chocolate cereal puffs. We wouldn't say no to those.