Our Favorite Food Stories From The Week

Our favorite food stories from the week

This week, we got a behind-the-music tale from Prince's private chef, found out there's such a thing as a water sommelier and got in on the rivalry between two Parisian falafel houses. For our favorite reads, it was all about inside access, so we hope you enjoy living vicariously through these eight stories as much as we did. 

Food & Wine gave us a pretty remarkable behind-the-music look in the story, "I Was Prince's Private Chef." Need we say anything more?

Speaking of jobs we can't even imagine, we learned that there's such a thing as a water sommelier in this profile by Pacific Standard.

Bloomberg gave us a look at a high-security jail in the UK that serves what might be the world's best prison food, thanks to a partnership with rehabilitation nonprofit The Clink.

Elsewhere in Europe, we learned all about the falafel rivalry between L'As du Fallafel and Mi-Va-Mi in a story from Munchies. If you've never had a sandwich from one of these iconic shops in Paris's Marais neighborhood, you don't know what you're missing.

Speaking of not knowing what you're missing, we now realize we have a lot of Indian pizza to eat after reading another story in Munchies on the so-called "godfather of Indian pizza," who makes pies with spinach curry or masala sauce in San Francisco. Will travel for falafel and Indian pizza.

Serious Eats' Comfort Food Diary this week made us nostalgic as the author exposed her coke habit. Coca-Cola, people. Coca-Cola.

Although we hold zero nostalgia for banana-flavored anything, we have strong feelings about the artificial taste, so we gobbled up Lucky Peach's deep dive into the history of banana flavoring.

Finally, this awesome series of graphs from Flowing Data enlightened us on all the ways the American diet has changed over the last 45 years. Some of the takeaways? Surprisingly, people didn't eat a lot of leafy greens before 1980. Unsurprisingly? Americans love chicken. The end.