Our Favorite Food Stories From The Week

This week, we learned about two of our favorite foods, pizza and french fries, as well as one of the buzziest health foods of the moment. We confronted and contemplated bias in the food world in an article written this week and one written last year, which won a James Beard Award on Tuesday night (congrats to all the winners!). Finally, we were inspired by some serious do-gooders in the culinary world, as well as an historical hero.

As ever, this batch of our favorite reads from the week compelled us to take food and the people who work in food seriously. We hope you find these nine reads as thought provoking as we did.

Did you know Buenos Aires makes some of the best, and perhaps strangest, pizza in the world? Now you do.

Did you also know that THIS is how french fries are grown? There's more to it than you think.

When you're done drooling over cheese-smothered pizza slices and crispy fries, cleanse yourself with a deep dive into the world of turmeric, the superfood of the moment, and discover how India has been way ahead of the game.

Feeling good? This story about the chefs who use extra produce to make soup for the needy will make you feel even better.

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When you read about the plans chef Art Smith has for his hometown in Florida, you may even start to feel a little warm and fuzzy inside. "If we want to build a kinder country, we need to bring some kind of change to these rural, outlying areas," Smith says.

With optimism for the future on your mind, take a look back in history at how Harriet Tubman, who was a professional cook, "found freedom in food." This close look at an extraordinary figure in America's past will leave you all the more inspired to tackle the challenges we still face as a country.

Speaking of which, the Washington Post takes a hard look at Americans' ethnic food bias, a "subtle hypocrisy that suggests we think these foods are inferior." It's a great and important read.

When you've finished catching up on this week's food reads, check out stories from this year's JBF media winners. Here are two of our favorites: "Straight-Up Passing: The State of Queer Chefs in America," by John Birdsall, and Dave Infante's "There Are Almost No Black People Brewing Craft Beer. Here's Why."