Wait List For London's Naked Pop-Up Is More Than 27,000 Long

London's 'naked food' pop-up has a 27,000-person wait list

People in London, apparently, really want to take their clothes off in public. The Bunyadi, or the "naked pop-up," as it's now being called, was announced just a week ago and already has a wait list of 27,628 people—and it's not even opening until June.

The restaurant is more about "naked food" and returning to a more natural state than it is about actually getting into one's birthday suit, organizer Sebastian Lyall tells talkRADIO. That means there's no cooking with gas or electricity, the space is lit with candles and no phones are allowed. The cutlery is edible, and all of the food is made with "things we picked up from the forest." So that means the menu will be vegan—though there's no word yet on which dishes might make an appearance.

The group Lollipop, which is behind the project and previously hosted a Breaking Bad-themed cocktail bar says, "All the projects we launch are with a view to make them permanent eventually . . . this might become a naked cuisine restaurant eventually."