The Leading Actor In 'Waitress' On Broadway Is An Apple Pie

Broadway's newest star is a freshly baked apple pie

Hamilton might seem to be the most American musical on earth right now, but it's missing one crucial element: apple pie.

Broadway's newest musical, Waitress, is all about a waitress who bakes pies. Stacy Donnelly from New York's Cute as Cake has served as the "pie consultant" for the show throughout its production, taking on important jobs like teaching the actors how to roll a convincing piecrust. Her latest task was figuring out the best way to permeate the scent of pie throughout the theater, and it turns out the old-fashioned way worked best.

While you sit in the audience watching the show, a convection oven located outside the orchestra seating area works its magic on a Granny Smith apple-filled pie. The air slowly diffuses throughout the theater as the show goes on, likely leaving everyone in the audience with a subtle desire for pie.

Before you think that every night turns into a free-for-all pie party when the curtain goes down, Donnelly tells the New York Times that the pies aren't actually intended to be eaten. The ingredient ratios are toyed with to make the warm spices smell louder than normal, meaning trying a slice would be like attempting the cinnamon challenge.

The show features a score by the talented Sara Bareilles, and her recurring "sugar, butter, flour" line echoes throughout the musical, getting stuck in your head like the hand-clapping "Hey Jude" refrain. Add a couple hours of pie smelling to that pleasant earworm, and we wish you luck not stopping by a bakery on your way home.