Where You Can Visit A Museum All About Spam

A new museum in Minnesota is celebrating all things Spam

Turn your Spam filter off for the day—a new museum in Austin, Minnesota, is now open, with 14,000 square feet dedicated to the decades-old canned meat line.

The Friday opening marked the revamping and relocation of the previous museum (closed in fall 2014), which was not as flashy and was located in Hormel's corporate office area. The new one is more of a destination in itself, and surrounding businesses are expecting a boom as an effect of the museum's visitors. You can measure your height in Spam cans (the ruler that never was), try "Spamples" and play with interactive video screens.

Say what you will about the canned meat, but its history is intertwined with that of our country, and it's worth your time to learn at least a bit about its background. And if you've never tried Spam, there are 15 types on sale at the museum—surely that's some type of record as far as museum gift shops go.

Even if you can't make it out to Minnesota to pay the spot a visit, we think this at least calls for a Spam musubi-themed party.