Video: How To Make A Breakfast Focaccia

Eggs baked in bread is a match made in heaven

Soft-baked eggs, savory sausage, bacon, cheddar, sprinkles of roasted red pepper and fresh-baked homemade bread. Basically everything you want in a breakfast, if you ask us.

Our breakfast focaccia recipe not only has all your breakfast favorites, but it's also all made on one sheet pan for a one-stop (breakfast) shop. After being sprinkled with breakfast meats, cheese and roasted veggies, tinfoil balls save space for eggs to be cracked into the top of homemade focaccia dough. At the tail end of baking, the tinfoil gets removed from the bread and the eggs get dropped down into the little wells left behind, as the pan returns to the oven for additional cooking.

The flatbread comes out golden on top and pillow soft in the middle, a bed for the baked eggs and scattering of meat. Fresh herbs add a final flourish.

It's really up to you how hard or soft you like your egg yolks to be, but for us, there's nothing better than a runny yolk, perfect for sopping up with all that soft bread.

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