Sean Brock Is Opening Husks In Greenville And Savannah

Sean Brock is opening Husks in Greenville and Savannah

When Sean Brock launched Husk in Charleston in 2010, it was an instant sensation. Even before it opened, Husk "was hailed as possibly the most important restaurant in the history of Southern cooking," the New York Times says. After opening another location in Nashville in 2013, Brock is expanding his restaurant group to Greenville, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia.

Food & Wine reports that Brock and business partner, David Howard, will open Husk Greenville in the fall and the Savannah location in early 2017. Southern road trip, anyone?

Each location will focus on the specific cuisine of the region, and F&W notes that Brock has already started buying cookbooks and testing recipes.

"Now I'll start to collect Greenville's old spiral-bound church and community cookbooks. And hire locals who can teach me about the food," he tells F&W.

As if that couldn't sound any more tempting, Brock tells F&W restaurant editor Kate Krader that he's not necessarily planning to stop with these two additions to the Husk family. "If you think about it, every city could have a Husk." No complaints here.