Video: How To Make The Ultimate Fudgy Brownies

4 kinds of chocolate make these brownies very special

Our Ultimate Fudgy Brownie recipe has arrived just in time for. . .well, 4/20, but also any special day you may have in mind.

With a chocolate ganache base and hunks of semi-sweet and milkĀ chocolate chips studded throughout, these are by far the chocolatiest brownies you may ever encounter. Being that tomorrow is an unofficial holiday, feel free to adjust with any celebratory additions you deem necessary.

No matter your munchie needs, have restraint once the brownies exit the oven. (We know, it's so hard.) But these are so insanely fudgy, they need time to set. Your extreme patience will be rewarded with the most indulgent brownies, we promise.

What are you waiting for? It's time to bake and get baked.

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