The New McDonald's In Missouri Will Have Bottomless French Fries

A new McDonald's will have bottomless french fries

Yeah, you want fries with that—and more fries, and more fries—and maybe a fourth serving for good measure.

At the new St. Joseph, Missouri, McDonald's opening in July, you'll be able to get all-you-can-eat orders of the chain's golden matchsticks. Franchise owner Chris Habiger announces this news, among other exciting changes, at what he calls "the McDonald's of the Future." You'll also be able to customize your own burger at kiosks, like ordering movie tickets, but with hundreds of options. You can even tack on bottomless fries to your order when using one of the personalization hubs.

Don't fret that these machines are ushering in the robot age just yet—after you hit enter, your burger will be made to order by real people and brought out to you, opening up some 85 new jobs at the Missouri location alone. This makes the experience less fast food and more fast casual, something Habiger attributes to "the blending of casual dining and quick service." The sprawling, 6,500-square-foot location will have couches for lounging, Filet-O-Fish in hand, and a separate party room.

This new spot is making all-day breakfast seem like child's play. And speaking of children, they haven't forgotten the play space—think ultra-21st-century features like video games and interactive digital experiences. This is not going to be your standard ball pit.