David Chang's Delivery Restaurant Ando Opens This Spring

David Chang is launching a new, delivery-only restaurant in NYC this spring

David Chang is opening a new, delivery-only restaurant in New York City this spring. No, you're not having déjà vu. This isn't Maple, the Chang-backed delivery-only meal service that launched last spring and brings fresh meals to offices around the city. This is Ando, a new concept that Fast Company reports is set to launch sometime this spring.

With chef JJ Basil, formerly of wd~50, in the kitchen, Ando will deliver Momofuku-style food to customers via UberRUSH. Orders will take place on an app designed by San Francisco-based Expa, and food will ideally come in Chinese-style take-out boxes, Chang says.

Milk Bar's Christina Tosi is also part of the plan. To start, she'll sell three Ando-exclusive cookies: a salt-and-pepper, a chocolate chip and a Ritz Cracker. If they're anything like the exclusive sugar cookie Tosi makes for Maple, they're going to be worth saving room for after devouring items like a "gigantic cheesesteak" and the "KFC-style chicken bucket," which Basil and Chang are also testing out for the menu.

Like the Momofuku restaurant group, Ando is named after instant noodle inventor Momofuku Ando. In Spanish, ando also means "I walk,"—"fitting for delivery service," Fast Company points out.

The rollout will be slow so that the new company can work out kinks before expanding. Ultimately, however, Ando has "a pretty big vision for [itself]," Expa partner Hooman Radfar, Chang's cofounder on the project, says. "We want to make this feel great—like Momofuku at home."

Beyond Ando, Chang is setting his sights on growing the Momofuku company even further. With the recent opening of Nishi and the expansion of Fuku, the company has already been expanding at a rapid rate before this new delivery arm. Fast Company reports that Chang is considering hiring "a more seasoned executive to run the company" and bring it to where Chang wants it to grow.

Hey, it's Chang's world. We're all just living in it.

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