After Britain's Biscuit Shortage, Dubai Sends Reinforcements

Following a shortage, England receives a much-needed biscuit delivery from Dubai

There are few things more sacred in Britain than a proper biscuit with a cup of tea. So when the the country's second-largest biscuit factory flooded in December and threatened the country with a serious biscuit shortage, panic ensued.

Severe winter floods shut down the United Biscuits factory, which produces favorites like McVitie's, Carr's water crackers and Crawford's pink wafers and jam rings. At the time, the Telegraph reported that the country would see some shortages and that it could take several months to resume normal production.

The great British biscuit drought may be coming to an end, however. The Doncaster Free Press reports that over the last two weeks, two Boeing 777 aircrafts filled with biscuits have landed at Doncaster's Robin Hood Airport. Not only did the delivery bring much-needed cookie relief, but it also marked the first arrival of Emirates SkyCargo, a Dubai-based cargo airline, to the airport.

While the Guardian reports that biscuit production is ramping up again at the United Biscuits factory, Dubai's drop-off was a welcome delivery.