Granola Lab's Activation Energy Is The Ultimate Power Breakfast

This coffee-filled granola will supercharge your morning

If you find yourself double fisting in the morning—coffee in one hand, breakfast spoon in the other—this granola is for you. Activation Energy ($9.50) is a special blend made with crushed-up coffee beans, dark chocolate and hazelnuts. You can now get your caffeine fix and breakfast fuel in one mouthful.

This breakfast of champions hails from Brooklyn-based Granola Lab, a small-batch producer that uses only all-natural and preservative-free ingredients. The lab makes granola bars, as well as other flavors beyond Activation Energy, including Cranberry Cashew Compound, Get Gingersnapping and Mediterranean Mix.

Founder Alex Crosier tells us that she's "a coffee devotee (a snob, even)," and she loves coffee in dessert. So, she thought, why not try it in granola?

"The recipe is a kind of play on flavored coffee, from the days when adding chocolate, vanilla or cinnamon syrup was all the rage. Except in this case, all the flavors are real food, blended together for that perfect crunchy, caffeinated bite."

A perfect bite indeed. While coffee and chocolate make the headlines, the hazelnuts are the unsung hero. Providing a roasted flavor and creamy texture, they round out the bitter coffee and sweet chocolate for a mouthful that makes you want to linger. Thanks to the caffeine, however, this breakfast will get you going, too.

The coffee comes from Brooklyn Roasting Company's Banyan Blend, imported by Crop to Cup, and the lab grinds up the beans before mixing them into the granola. It's the ultimate wake-up call.