Michael Mina Will Oversee The Beverly Center's Food Court

Michael Mina will oversee a new food court in Beverly Hills

Last month, San Francisco-based chef and restaurateur Michael Mina stepped down as CEO of his restaurant group to focus on developing new concepts. Now it looks like one of those projects will be the Beverly Center's sixth-floor food court in Beverly Hills, Eater LA reports. Mina will oversee the 15-to-18-restaurant/kiosk food court, which will be called The Street.

And while none of the slots are final yet, he tells the LA Times that poke, ramen and barbecue from around the globe are possibly picks. (Yup, lines of Instagram-hungry teens seems likely, or at least that's what developers are banking on.) There are also plans for eight new restaurants downstairs, including one by Mina.

The concept of chefs "curating" food experiences in shopping centers is growing. In Manhattan's Hudson Yards, Thomas Keller is overseeing which chefs and restaurateurs will go into the development's 11 dining spaces. But both of these curation projects are still in the early phases. Expect both projects to make their respective debuts in 2018.