The Fastest Way To Destem Kale

The fastest way to destem kale and what to do with the stems

Whether it's a kale salad, smoothie or pasta dish, the leafy green everybody loves to hate has become a staple in home and restaurant kitchens. Though haters thought the trend would pass, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

However you use kale, prepping the green is a semidaunting task. Removing the stems can be cumbersome enough to turn you off from making your favorite kale salad altogether. But it doesn't have to be that way. Instead of wasting time trying to cut around the tough stalk, there's a seriously easy way to destem.

Grip the bottom of the stem with one hand and use the other hand to rip the leaves away from you, like this:

GIF: YouTube/Feast of Love

In one, sweeping motion, you can remove the fibrous stem from the leaves faster than any other method.

Once you've removed all the stems, don't throw them away. Sturdy kale stems can make great pickles, and chopped up, they can add a satisfying crunch to stir-fries. Bon Appétit recommends blanching the stems before stir-frying or making sure to cook them on low heat for a while to ensure they're tender. Finally, you can make a kale stem-infused oil to give any salad—kale or otherwise—a supercharged flavor.