Tasting Table's New Feature For Constant, Up-To-Date Food News

Introducing TTNow, an endless scroll of the latest food news

Have you heard that public drinking in Manhattan will soon be decriminalized? Or that someone in Spain stole $900 of ham, leaving behind a Hansel and Gretel-esque path of pork fat?

Now you can get the latest on those stories, plus many more, all in one place. We just launched a new section of our site called TTNow, an endless feed that lets you be the first to know about restaurant openings, videos and news from the world of food and drink.

Everyone is prey to seamless endless scrolls, but now you can take advantage of it. Find the News tab in the navigation bar at the top of our homepage or click here to head over and start scrolling. So the next time someone starts to ask you, "Have you heard . . .," you can automatically answer, "Yes."