This Instagram Account Combines Meryl Streep And Food

The Taste of Streep Instagram account is a special thing

Seven weeks ago, while the rest of us were idly going about our daily lives, an unknown genius photoshopped Meryl Streep onto a floating pizza pie and posted it to Instagram. Now the account has 60 quality posts and 30,000-plus followers; it's clearly something you can't afford to miss. Snacks are great, Meryl Streep is an unparalleled acting goddess and everyone knows that two rights equals a mega right, so follow the account for endless laughs and check out our favorites below.

Meryl is a tough word to rhyme. Sterile? Apparel? But with some out-of-the-box thinking, it's given us pun gems like The Devil Wears Ricotta.

Another solution was to get creative with her last name, resulting in the mermaid-like Chicken Streeps.

Did you wake up today and say, "I need to see Meryl Streep popping out of an Uncrustable"? Same.

#SelfieSunday = out. Sandwich Straddle Sunday = in.

"What more could you want?" the account's bio asks. Nothing. We have it all now. But if you do find yourself lacking the Meryl mash-up of your dreams, the account welcomes suggestions and is quick to respond. We've already submitted a request for a Lime Ricki and the Flash.