Spanish Thief Steals $900 Of Ham, Leaves Trail Of Fat Behind

Thief steals $900 of ham, leaves trail of fat behind

Domingo Infante, a bar owner in southwestern Spain, showed up to work last week to find that door of his establishment, Los Caracoles (The Snails), had been smashed in, the bar's cash and TV stolen, and seven legs of Iberico ham (worth about $130 each) that had been hanging over the bar gone.

Infante called the police, but before a proper investigation could get underway, his wife and mother-in-law spotted a trail of pork fat leading from the restaurant to a nearby house. After getting a search warrant, the police inspected the home, where they found the thief, the missing cash, the TV and two of the hams. "We didn't know whether to laugh or cry yesterday. It's like something out of a silly film," Infante told The Local.

Five legs of ham are still MIA, but, hopefully, the thief's accomplice is just as stupid, or as an FBI chap in The West Wing once said, "In 13 years with the Bureau, I've discovered that there's no amount of money, manpower or knowledge that can equal the person you're looking for being stupid."