The Hottest New Restaurants: Indian Accent, Wise Sons Bagel

17 new restaurants to add to your must-try list

New York City

Indian Accent: New York can claim only a handful of truly inventive high-end Indian restaurants, and there's a new member in that group. New Delhi-based restaurant Indian Accent just opened in Midtown serving a creative menu from chef Manish Mehrotra. The dishes are rooted in tradition but with more modern twists like duck Chettinad served with foie gras and shiso leaf chaat. Find Indian Accent here, or in our DINE app.

Russ & Daughters: After 102 years on the Lower East Side, the smoked fish and bagel icon hopped the subway and opened on the Upper East Side inside the Jewish Museum. This location is kosher, another first for the team. Not visiting the museum? Not to worry. The restaurant's open to all. Find Russ & Daughters here, or in our DINE app.

Nix: Dovetail chef John Fraser's newest project, just south of Union Square, is all vegetarian serving dishes like wood-roasted broccoli rabe with cottage cheese and Calabrian chiles, cashew chicken-esque carrots and dish-of-the-moment cacio e pepe made with shiitake mushrooms. Find Nix here, or in our DINE app.

Sushi Ganso: Tadashi Ono and Harris Salat already own a ramen-ya and a yakitori joint in Brooklyn, so this new restaurant completes the trifecta, with a more sushi-focused menu. Another reason to look forward to summer: There will be a backyard seating area to enjoy your sushi. Find Sushi Ganso here, or in our DINE app.

Lilia Caffé: Now that chef Missy Robbins is settling in at her new Italian restaurant in Brooklyn, she and her team have launched a café next door that doubles as a takeaway spot with frittatas, gelato and baked goods, both savory and sweet like focaccias and cakes. Oh, and, of course, there's coffee to go with it all. Find Lilia Caffé here, or in our DINE app.

Temerario: The latest restaurant from the The Black Ant team is all about Mexican street food like elotes fries, fish tacos and ceviche. Eating here is a bit like eating in the middle of an art gallery; the brick walls are covered with brightly colored murals inspired by street art. Find Temerario here, or in our DINE app.

Los Angeles

Kotoya Ramen: The restaurant's in soft-opening mode for now, but noodles are ready for slurping. At the West L.A. location, there's tonkotsu, black garlic ramen and a spicy ramen that comes in various heat levels. The menu's structured as a sort of chose-your-own adventure, so pick the toppings you like. Find Kotoya Ramen here, or in our DINE app.

Zan Beer: Sports bar-meets-Korean restaurant, Zan serves everything from burgers and grilled cheese to Korean dishes like spicy rice cakes and grilled whole squid. There are also some mash-ups like nori-topped fries. Find Zan Beer here, or in our DINE app.

Moolko: Korean seafood restaurant Moolko recently took over the Dae Bok space. The menu isn't too different, but it's more expansive, and there's no longer a fugu (aka potentially deadly blowfish) option. Expect lots of soups, grilled seafood and some meat. Find Moolko here, or in our DINE app.

San Francisco

J?-ni: Surrender yourself to the capable hands of chef Geoffrey Lee at this omakase-only sushi bar. The name is Japanese for "twelve," which seems to be the magic number: There are 12 seats and 12 courses with fish flown in from Tokyo. And at $85, it's comparatively a steal. Find J?-ni here, or in our DINE app.

Kava Lounge: Let the hippie vibes flow at this Divisadero spot pouring out kava, a ceremonial Polynesian drink that dates back thousands of years and is now known as "the chill pill of the new wave." When paired with live world music and belly dancing as it is here, you'll see why. Find Kava Lounge here, or in our DINE app.

Wise Sons Bagel & Bakery: Evan Bloom and Leo Beckerman are out to fix San Francisco's barren bagel scene with an eight-seat shop, the latest from the popular deli's duo. The bagels are sure to please, and as all Jewish bakeries should, there's also babka, rugelach, multiple shmear options and even bialys. Find Wise Sons Bagel & Bakery here, or in our DINE app.

Brasserie Saint James: What happens in Vegas doesn't actually stay in Vegas, as far as this craft beer spot is concerned. It brews beer on location and serves snacks like bone marrow canoes with bacon jam and Moroccan-spiced lamb tartare. The especially ravenous should try the Buenos Aires Barbecue, a delightful meat fest with the works for two to four people. Find Brasserie Saint James here, or in our DINE app.


East Side King Thai-Kun: The brakes are down for the popular food truck. Take a seat at the counter and fall under the trance of watching chef Thai Changthong in the open kitchen crank out plates of authentic Thai fried chicken, Issan sausage and crunchy papaya salad. Find East Side King Thai-Kun here, or in our DINE app.


Manor House: First it was George H. W. Bush's home, then an exclusive hotel—and now after 30 years, the gates are open to the public for lunch at the secluded restaurant. The food is classic and luxurious (sole meunière, pot-au-feu), so dine like you're taking an afternoon off from work in the Oval Office. Find Manor House here, or in our DINE app.


Kaori: Still wondering what to do with your year-end bonus? Here's your answer: a $700 tasting menu—complete with edible silver and gold—at this Brickell spot from the "million dollar chef." The website calls it "Miami's first 360-degree cinematography dining experience," so think opulence, experience and phrases like electrifying essence. Find Kaori by Walter Marino here, or in our DINE app.