Burger King Got Snoop Dogg To Do An Employee Training Video

Snoop Dogg made an employee training video for Burger King

Burger King announced today that it will start selling hot dogs. The permanent menu item will hit about 7,100 U.S. locations on February 23. While everyone is talking about this surprising move, the real story here revolves around another dog . . . or Dogg, to be more precise.

Snoop Dogg has starred in an employee training video, posted on TMZ, for the fast-food chain's newest item, and, to be frank, we're way more interested in that than the actual hot dogs.

After this fake one from Mr. Show, it has to be the best employee training video in fast-food history. Snoop enters the frame following a plume of smoke. "So fresh and so clean, so fresh and so green," Snoop says describing the dogs, which will come in two varieties: the classic grilled dog ($1.99) and the chili cheese dog ($2.99)

With an explainer of relish ("You know relish ain't nothing but chopped-up pickles"), Snoop tells employees which toppings can go on the dogs before instructing them to "fire it up."

Burger King wants the all-beef grilled dogs to be the "Whopper of hot dogs." Have it your way, until six in the mornin' (six in the mornin').