April Bloomfield's Salvation Burger Will Invade NYC Next Week

April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman's Salvation Burger will invade NYC next week

New York's burger fans and aficionados have been waiting long enough. Next week, April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman will unleash their long-anticipated Salvation Burger at the Pod 51 hotel. The Spotted Pig team's newest project is their pass at fast-food, but this is Bloomfield and Friedman, after all (the creators of some of the city's most rightly sought after burgers), so don't expect sub-par meat or generic anything. The beef, which is aged for five weeks, is ground in house, and there are no Martin's potato rolls in sight. Bloomfield is baking her own buns.

The style of the patty, however, nods to fast food. It's relatively thin and served double decker, with a layer of melted cheddar and Colby jack between. To go with those burgers, there will also be boozy shakes, fried fruit pies, jalapeno poppers and a s'mores pie, reports Grub Street. And since we're living in the age of veggie burgers, there will be a Salvation veggie burger made with beets and rice vermicelli inspired, perhaps slightly ironically, by soondae, a Korean blood sausage dish.

No word yet on when precisely the burgers will debut next week, so in the meantime, we'll have to settle for some burger porn from Bloomfield.



Veggie burger, anyone? 


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