Hometown Bar-B-Que Is Planning A Fried Chicken Spot In Brooklyn

Hometown Bar-B-Que will debut a fried chicken project in Brooklyn this June

Brooklyn: Prepare yourselves for some serious fried chicken. Barbecue savant Billy Durney, who owns Hometown Bar-B-Que, is planning to open Hometown Fried Chicken this June. The Red Hook location, which is just up the street from his expansive house of 'cue, will have seating for about 30 or 40 people, but there will be a strong focus on takeout and delivery. (A bucket of chicken while watching the sunset behind Lady Liberty? Yeah, summer can't come soon enough.)

Durney tells Eater that he wants to "bring back the bucket." But what recipes will be in that bucket isn't definite yet. Durney has been experimenting with different ones for nine months and says, "We aren't going to open the door until I am satisfied with the product." Adding: "The goal is to pan fry in cast iron, but we are going to try different techniques." There will also be biscuits, sides and doughnuts.

When Durney opens, he'll have the first location of Carla Hall's Southern Kitchen, just a mile away, to contend with. The Chew host and Top Chef alum has been perfecting her Nashville-style hot chicken and is planning to open in about a month.

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