Shake Shack Will Bring A New Burger To L.A.

Shake Shack will bring a new specialty burger to its upcoming L.A. locations

New York burger sensation Shake Shack is preparing to invade In-N-Out territory: The first of three L.A. outlets will hit West Hollywood this spring. To prepare, the team hosted a preview last night, which drew lines upward of two hours (yeah, this is what happens with Shake Shack).

Today, the Shack crew announced that they will serve a special L.A.-exclusive burger dubbed the Roadside Double when they open. The double-patty situation, topped with Swiss cheese, Dijon and onions that are cooked in beer with bacon is a nod to the city's beloved French dip at Philippe's. Shake Shack did something similar when it opened in Austin last year with the Lockheart Link Burger (a burger topped with local sausage links).

The real test for the Shack, however, will come when the Glendale location opens later this year. It will be just a block away from an outpost of local favorite In-N-Out, so it's begging for a burger showdown. Best to take sides now.

 Ilustration: Courtesy of Shake Shack