Olympic Diver Tom Daley's Multitasking Frying Pan

Tom Daley's crazy frying pan is breaking the internet

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The internet has developed an obsession with Tom Daley's unique, multitasking frying pan. Ever since the Olympic diver posted an Instagram photo of himself cooking an English breakfast with the pan on Sunday, people everywhere have been scouring the web to find their own version of the peculiar skillet.

With more than 47,000 likes and counting, most of the comments are ripe with followers exclaiming just how amazing the multicompartment pan is—many calling it a "game changer," with heavy use of the egg-frying-pan emoji.

The pan has space to cook up to five things, and Daley has used his to fry up sausages, ham, beans and what appears to be gravy, adding the caption "Sunday morning full English breakfast for the American :)." We certainly wouldn't say no to experimenting on the pan with some of our favorite breakfast picks.

However, some of the reactions to the photo saw certain English breakfast enthusiasts debating whether or not Daley's offerings could really be considered a full English breakfast based on its lack of essential elements like black pudding, hash browns, eggs and fried bread.

For those who have fallen under the spell of this magic pan, you can find a nearly identical one on Amazon for just under $80.