What to Make with Canned Beans

10 recipes to put those legumes to good use
What to Make with Canned Beans
Feijoada Nachos | Photo: Tasting Table

We spilled the beans on dried beans, but here's what to make with those cans collecting dust on your shelves. 

Bean and Pasta Soup with Cracklins

Beef Chili

White Beans with Carrot Vinaigrette

Cocoa-Bean Smoothie

Feijoada Nachos

Creamy Cannellini-Broccoli Soup

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Chilled Butter Bean Soup with Peanut-Corn Relish

Beans and Greens

Beans on Toast

Seared Squid with Chickpeas and Celery

Chickpea and Calamari Stew


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