2016 New Year's Resolutions From Top Chefs

New Year's resolutions from some of our favorite chefs

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On January 1, everyone is so hopeful for a better (and, for us at least, more delicious) New Year. Some of these resolutions we gladly follow through with (Eat more foreign foods? Absolutely!), and others, well, we just fall short (Cut down on the carbs? But bagels!). Whether your New Year's resolutions make it past February or not, it can never hurt to try something new.

This year, we checked in with some of our favorite chefs, bakers and bartenders to see how they plan on eating and drinking their way through 2016.

The Chew host and soon-to-be New York restaurant owner Carla Hall aims to start fresh once the ball drops: "I plan to do a cleanse in the New Year to purge and reset my taste buds and body. I recently saw the Broadway show Hamilton and couldn't get over how in shape everyone looked in their costumes. It made me realize it's time to get toned and be in the best physical shape."

Molly Hanson, executive pastry chef of Grill 23 & Bar and Post 390 in Boston, is all about establishing new habits. "My food resolution for 2016 is 'no edges.' I have a terrible habit of snacking on the edges of our baked goods while they are being portioned. My favorite is bread pudding edges that are sticky and crispy, baked in brown butter and cinnamon sauce. They are delicious but similar to potato chips—you can't stop after just one."

Tyler Kinnett of Harvest in Cambridge, Massachusetts, feels somewhat similarly: "In 2016, I'm going to try and eat far fewer burritos. I typically go for what is cheap, filling and full of cheese. Maybe for the New Year, I can also try eating dinners that are smaller than my head."

Iron Chef and Philadelphia-based restaurateur Jose Garces is all about trying new things: "I'm really looking to learn more about superfoods and to incorporate as many of them as I can into my diet."

Jenn Louis, of Portland's Lincoln and author of Pasta by Hand, is looking to incorporate more greens into her dishes: "One of my new favorites, mustard greens, are thinner and more flavorful, so they're perfect for wilting in dishes like miso soup, a great January dish."

Paul Calvert of Atlanta's Ticonderoga Club is on a mission to expand his drinking repertoire. "I resolve to drink more session-able beverages: cider, sherry, English and German beer, vermouth, Madeira. You know, adult beverages. I resolve to turn aside from barrel-proof whiskey, high-gravity IPAs and the like."

New York's Annisa owner and James Beard nominee Anita Lo's New Year's resolutions are something like a culinary version of cleaning out the closet: "I really need to take a hard look at what's in my wine cellar out on Long Island and make sure I'm not letting it go past its prime. I've let that happen to a few really great bottles already (I know, tough life). And every year, I always say I need to learn more about (and thus eat more) Chinese food."