Champagne Cocktails Roundup

The 8 best sparkling cocktails for your New Year's celebrations

We've got only one New Year's resolution that we plan to stick to: Drink more sparkling wine. Sure, you can down plenty of Champagne or even sparkling reds, but this year, we're sipping our bubbly in cocktail form.

Here are eight ways to up your effervescence and start the New Year with a pop:

① Get crafty like J Rosser Lomax of Craftbar and make your plain old Negroni sparkle with the addition of sparkling Pinot Noir.

② Count down the remainder of the year, forget your regrets and raise a rosé-tinted glass.

③ Then at midnight, fall in punch-drunk love (or at least smooch the nearest prospect) with this Isola del Sole wedding punch.

④ Cut the price of your Dom in half and instead invest in Bérèche.

⑤ Grow a pear and sip a sparkling pear cocktail.

⑥ SpritzZ up the party with an Italian aperitif.

⑦ Keep it simple with a dead-easy two-ingredient Nardini Spritz.

⑧ Or take even more guesswork out and let your guests mix their own cocktails.